A new web design tool that can replace WordPress

Create freely with low-code, operate efficiently with no-code

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Features and Benefits

Professional work with minimal knowledge

It will take a couple of hours, but will save your company weeks in the long term.

Professional work with minimal knowledge
Seamlessly integrate dynamic content with Spearly CMS
Maintenance-free for infrastructure and security
Equipped with functions that transform business
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Workbench can be used by the entire team

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Overcome the limits of skills that cannot create dynamic content, and realize an attractive site easily with Workbench's low-code.

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Are you spending time on client hearings and design? By utilizing Workbench, you can efficiently create sites and respond quickly to client requests.

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Web Designer

Do you feel that implementation reviews with engineers are cumbersome? With Workbench, efficient implementation reviews are possible with concise communication. Let's smoothly realize design ideas.

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Smoothly create and update articles and content. Be freed from complicated processes and focus on creating more content.

Workbench's Advantages & Competitor Comparison

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Why choose Workbench?

  • Workbench allows professional site creation with minimal knowledge. It is faster and maintenance-free compared to WordPress.
  • Be freed from infrastructure and security concerns, such as crashes or security risks.

Other similar tools

  • Workbench is a simple and practical tool. Efficient work is possible with an intuitive interface and high performance.
  • Equipped with functions that transform not only site implementation, but also business. Provides value as a comprehensive development environment.
  • Learning costs are lower than JavaScript frameworks, and efficient site creation is possible.
  • Reduce the time and effort required for project setup and environment construction, and focus on implementation and business.
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Create freely with low-code, operate efficiently with no-code